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Maralee Bradley

Summer with children home from school, brings about opportunities and challenges! Maralee Bradley, mom of six, provides us with some fresh perspective about parenting during the summer months!

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Adrien Lewis

CarePortal is a connection point between families in crisis and churches and people who care, wanting to take action! Adrien Lewis, executive director,  shares God’s leading in his life and through this ministry.

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God at Work – FCA – Hiatt

God is on the move through Lyndi and Josh as they are empowered to influence through the ministry of FCA, which is proclaiming the Gospel and its application to the sport’s world!

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Dave Reddel

Peak Challenge is a wilderness experience for men and young men, giving them an opportunity to see biblical manhood in action. Dave Reddel, a leader with Peak Challenge, shares the heart behind the ministry!

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Unsung Heroes

Around us every day are Unsung Heroes You know the kind… the ones who sacrificially make life better but don’t get the recognition they truly deserve for the difference they are making. It might be a caretaker whose entire life revolves around caring for someone with special needs, or a foster parent who is taking care of a child broken…

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Kate Merrick

Kate Merrick, author of “Here, Now,” has discovered the importance of limiting technology in order to be fully present with others and with God!

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