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If you knew their story…

If you knew their story would you care? Care enough to get uncomfortable and find out more about becoming a foster parent. [maxbutton id=”11″ ]

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Maralee Bradley

Through her own family’s experience with fostering, Maralee Bradley knows that the soul changing work God can do through a willing foster family far outweighs the discomfort that may be felt!

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Care Enough to Get Uncomfortable – Jess & Eric

Last spring, Jess & Eric Hustad of Lincoln said yes to caring for the orphans among us by taking their first foster placement of a baby boy. On this new journey they knew they would encounter some uncomfortable situations, but they didn’t anticipate how God would knit their hearts with their foster son’s mom and use them to help restore…

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Bryan Clark

Listen to Bryan Clark as he emphasizes the importance of obedience to the call that God has placed on our lives, living for things that matter eternally and stepping out in faith, despite the risk and discomfort!  

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Brett McCracken

Pressing into Jesus can bring discomfort but with discomfort, we have the ability to grow! Brett reminds us that our goal is to serve others out of love in a counter-cultural way.

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Bobbie Jo

While finishing her teaching degree, Bobbie Jo Johnson was making plans to move out of her unstable, inner city neighborhood in North Omaha. That is, until she met a couple who caused her to rethink her decision, saying “leaders don’t transfer, they stay and transform.” Through their leadership, Bobbie Jo felt God leading her to stay, quit her teaching career…

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Gayle meets many people and forms many friendships through her work as a local business woman. Over time, she built a relationship with one man in particular who frequented her business. One day when he came in, Gayle felt led to pray for this man! It was uncomfortable for Gayle to offer, and it was uncomfortable for him to accept,…

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Michael Jr

After giving his life to Jesus, Michael Jr. uses the gift of comedy to give people an opportunity to laugh!

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