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God at Work – InCommon

God is on the move through InCommon, uniting and strengthening vulnerable neighborhoods, trusting that the abundant life Jesus came to offer will not only transform lives now but for generations to come!

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Maralee Bradley

Maralee Bradley and her family are deeply involved in foster care. Maralee shares how their family reflects God’s heart for the orphans among us!

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Ty Hughes

Families Together provides an opportunity for the local church to step up and come alongside families in crisis! Ty Hughes shares the heart behind the ministry!

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Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson, National Director of Church Ministry Initiatives with the Christian Alliance for Orphans, shares God’s heart for the orphans among us. Jason has dedicated his life to serving those seeking to come alongside children in foster care!

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Orphans Among Us – Lisa

God is on the move, using willing individuals to create a sense of belonging for children in foster care! We are not all called to do the same thing, but we’re all called to do something to care for the orphans among us! Explore the role God might have you play by visiting our All Play Guide.

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