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Sam’s Story

Students in Nebraska are making a powerful impact on the students around them! Last year, Sam began praying before football games and other teammates started to pray with him. Soon, their team began inviting the opposing team to join them! This year, as a senior, Sam suffered an injury that ended his high school football career. In what seemed like…

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God Who Heals

Pastor Bryan Clark reminds us that while laws are good and necessary, they are powerless to change the human heart. Turning to God is where we find healing.

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God at Work – Allie’s Story

In high school, Allie began struggling with where to find her identity. She began finding her worth in things like sports and boys, defining herself as “Allie, the volleyball player” or “Allie, so-and-so’s girlfriend” instead of “Allie, a child of God.” Until college, when she found herself with a new dependence on Christ and realized that the only true, lasting…

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Ashley Lewis

Serving youth at Christ Place Church in Lincoln, Ashley is seeing them respond to God’s leading and make a difference in their community.

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