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Momentum Building Internships

MyBridge is a professional TEAM of people passionate about living lives of eternal significance! MyBridge stewards the ministry MyBridge Radio, where we help connect listeners to God, to each other, and to the work of God in Nebraska. MyBridge also serves Christian leaders through MyBridge Momentum, helping leaders clarify their vision and faithfully steward the organizations they lead. Activate Global is MyBridge to the Nations, making the unreached the top priority!

We are praying for you even as you read this, knowing the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. The TEAM is made up of all kinds of people, skill sets, life experiences, and interests, and together we are praying God uses us in a mighty way. For us, it’s more than a job. It’s a calling!

For our interns, it’s an opportunity for God to use you during your college years to accelerate ministry while also gaining experience that will benefit your future career or ministry path.

These statements describe those who best fit our culture:

  • You love Jesus!
  • You are driven to make an eternal difference with your life!
  • You are self motivated and do your best work for Him!
  • You are a team player, able to joyfully submit to the strengths of others!
  • You live in or could relocate to Lincoln.

Current Internship Opportunities

Event Coordinator

Does this describe you?

  • You are described as lively, engaging, and outgoing in new situations.
  • You enjoy events… a crowd of people energizes you!
  • You find that you are purposely fun, flexible but balanced with being responsible, and aggressively friendly, in the best possible way.
  • You have a car and are ready to use it to advance ministry. Road trip, that sounds fun!
  • You smile a lot, make eye contact, shake hands, and enjoy meeting new people.
  • You would enjoy being a servant to the behind-the-scenes work of organizing supplies, showing up early for set up and being the last one to leave.

So what, exactly would you do? On any given day, you could be…

  • Curating a great visual and thoughtful experience event attendees will have as they meet you, in promotion of MyBridge.
  • Preparing the experience by organizing materials and event logistics, including collaborating with Teammates and the partnering organization hosting the event.
  • Executing your vision from set up, to engaging people, to tear down at the events you attend.


Does this describe you?

  • You are creative, and you’ve seen your creative work inspire people to think, act, or do something different than what they did before.
  • You enjoy tinkering with technology that allows you to design, edit, and create new things, or maybe you lean toward the writing process of drafting, editing, writing, and rewriting to create the most compelling work of written art possible.
  • You like to be routinely creative, humbly supportive, and relationally expressive.
  • You enjoy photography and videography. You may or may not possess the skills to capture these things, but you know the benefit of a good visual.
  • You are teachable and able to receive feedback on your work with humility.

So what, exactly would you do? On any given day, you could be…

  • Storytelling, using your gift of writing to capture and share the excitement of what God is doing across Nebraska.
  • Using your visual expression to bring our stories, projects and engagement campaigns to life through capturing or finding compelling photographs.
  • Using your eye for design to routinely and rhythmically create graphics for the website, digital signs, and other marketing materials using Canva or Adobe Suite.

Creative Marketing

Does this describe you?

  • You enjoy interacting on social media.
  • You tinker with creative computer programs like Adobe, Canva, WordPress, and more.
  • You’ve created an engaging reel that draws people in, resulting in a high view rating.
  • You can effectively communicate through a picture, and you enjoy captioning things.

So what, exactly would you do? On any given day, you could be…

  • Expressing your creativity by making engaging social media content.
  • Bringing your visual expression to give life to our stories, projects, and campaigns through ad creation and creating and editing videos.
  • Using your eye for design to create graphics using Canva or Adobe Suite.
  • Using your eye for detail to organize creative assets and revising website content to increase efficiency and relevancy.

Didn’t find a position that described you but still interested in an internship? We would love to hear from you!