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Will’s Story

In high school, Will struggled with anxiety and identity issues. He knew about the Bible, believed it to be true, and believed that God was real! But he hadn’t experienced Jesus in a way that made his faith come to life. Then Will had a conversation with his youth pastor that helped his faith come to life, and he began to…

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Resurrection Eggs

Create your own Resurrection Eggs Materials: 10 plastic eggs, numbered from 1 to 10 9 story starters to place in eggs, as described below 1. A tiny loaf of bread, dinner plate, or fork – The Last Supper (Matthew 26:17-19) 2. 3 pieces of silver (3 nickels or dimes) – Judas betrays Jesus. (Matthew 27:3) 3. A cross (you could make…

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God Who Heals

Pastor Gregg Madsen gives us perspective in focusing on spiritual healing in those times we haven’t experienced physical healing… yet.

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P413 Ministries

God at work as P413 provides scholarships for youth to participate in faith-building experiences, igniting their faith in Jesus!

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Sam’s Story

Students in Nebraska are making a powerful impact on the students around them! Last year, Sam began praying before football games and other teammates started to pray with him. Soon, their team began inviting the opposing team to join them! This year, as a senior, Sam suffered an injury that ended his high school football career. In what seemed like…

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