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IF: Gathering

3 Nebraska women share the uniquenesses of IF: Gathering and how they have experienced God at work through participating!

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Ariel Morales

How does having a sponsor impact a child in Panali? What is the top dynamic Food for the Hungry is addressing in Panali? Do the residents of Panali know My Bridge is partnering with them? Ariel Morales, Teams Coordinator of Food for the Hungry in Nicaragua, answers those questions and more!  

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Wendy’s Sponsorship Story

Wendy’s words say it all – “I just can’t explain the feeling of being able to hold hands and pray with our sponsor family. It was an experience I’ll never forget.” In November the Ross family was able to meet their sponsored child, Elmer, and his family. Although they live thousands of miles apart, the Rosses learned they have quite…

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The Ross Family Met Jayme!

When Wendy, Emma & Elizabeth heard about child sponsorship in Panali through My Bridge Radio & VOTA, they decided to add a new child to their family! Together they selected Jayme as their sponsored child, and when they were given the opportunity to meet her, they traveled to Panali to meet her face-to-face! You, too, can add a child to…

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Sponsorship Matters!

The investment made relationally through child sponsorship brings hope and encouragement to a child in Panali! And the financial investment made through child sponsorship is helping to transform the community! Join us! Sponsor a Child in Panali

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Dan Allender, Design of Desire

Are your relationships ones of faith, hope and love? Or are you experiencing betrayal, ambivalence and powerlessness? Dan Allender shares hope with us to face the pain of past hurt. Dan is bringing his Design of Desire Conference to Lincoln Berean Church February 9-10.

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Mark’s Sponsorship Story

Your Letters Make a Difference! In November, Mark visited his sponsored child, Ramon, in Panali, Nicaragua! During their conversation, Mark learned that the relationship he’s built with Ramon through writing letters is shaping how Ramon is living his life!! And it’s also influencing Ramon’s faith journey! Join us in transforming Panali through child sponsorship! Sponsor a Child in Panali  …

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Transformation in Panali

In February, emerging community leaders in Panali drafted a list of 15 priority projects that, when completed, will aid in the transformation process! Since then, three major priority projects have already been checked off the list! 1. The medical clinic that was previously open once a month is now staffed with medical professionals Monday through Friday – addressing a major need for…

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