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God at Work – Destination Dad

God is at work through Christian Heritage and Destination Dad, as they come alongside families, offering relational support and Christ-like love in the midst of an often difficult and isolating situation!

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Pastor Bryan Clark – He Hears Me

Pastor Bryan Clark reminds us that when life is confusing or painful, we can have confidence that God cares for us. He hears our prayers and ultimately knows what is best for each of us!

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God at Work – Assure

God is at work through the Assure Women’s Center as they come alongside hurting women and couples, giving them the knowledge, confidence and support they need!

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Kristin Lukow – Eternity Is Forever

Kristin Lukow encourages us that although life on this earth is short, eternity is forever! We will be with the Lord forever if we accept His free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ!

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Melissa Kruger – Unshakeable Joy

Melissa Kruger is an author, teacher and conference speaker who serves her church in Charlotte, NC as the coordinator of women’s ministry. She dove deeply into the book of Philippians and out of that study shares with us how we can have unshakable joy!

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Laura Story – Trusting God In Hard Times

Over the past 8 years, Laura Story’s song “Blessings” has made a strong heart connection with the MyBridge family! Laura wrote that song out of her own experiences with the ongoing impact of her husband Martin’s health challenges following a brain tumor. Laura shares what she’s learned about surrender and trusting God in hard times!

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