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Maria Tschetter

Thanks to Impact Partner’s investments, MyBridge is available to encourage and support Maria as she begins her career as an elementary school teacher!

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Michelle Janssen

Through the financial support of Impact Partners, God uses MyBridge to encourage, uplift and confirm His presence to listeners like Michelle, who lost her daughter in a tragic car accident.

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Hans Molegraaf

Hans and Star Molegraaf struggled early on in their marriage. They received help and hope and later founded Marriage Revolution to come alongside couples. They are bringing their Marriage Revolution conference to Grand Island to help couples experience lasting change, hope for tomorrow and intimate joy with God.

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Let Faith Move You – Janet

Janet’s faith has moved her to regularly invest in MyBridge over the past 11 years because she knows that lives will be impacted eternally by listening to music focused on God, testimonies, and God’s teaching!

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Maralee Bradley – Tree Climber

As a mom, Maralee shepherds her children in making decisions that include getting out of their comfort zone, because she is reminded that sometimes God asks us to do things that scare us, knowing it will grow us for our good and for His glory!

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Maralee Bradley

As a mom of six, Maralee has learned that God can use our finances to build our faith and to learn to trust in Him in whatever financial circumstance He has placed us in!

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Nichole Nordeman

Nichole knows the power of being a truth-teller by her own pursuit of vulnerability and transparency. Being honest with our pain and brokenness allows us to receive true healing from our Heavenly Father!

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