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Sponsor Meydeling

Currently 186 children in Panali have a child sponsorship through My Bridge Radio & VOTA’s partnership with Food for the Hungry. These sponsorships enable Food for the Hungry to invest in community leadership and the children while working to instill Biblical principles into the community. 42 children are still awaiting a child sponsor in Panali, and Meydeling Jartiza is one of them. Join…

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School in Panali

As we head into back-to-school season, we are so thankful to live in a place that values education and has great school facilities! In Panali, students are learning in tough conditions. Classrooms have no air conditioning, and one of the two bathrooms for the 200 students is in disrepair! HOWEVER, since Food for the Hungry has begun serving in Panali, the…

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Colton Dixon

Colton describes how the songs on his new record are influenced by the truth of who God says we are, touching on the different sections of the record: the mind, body, and spirit.

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God at Work – Youth for Christ

At first Trevor, a resident at the youth detention center, resisted going to the Juvenile Justice Ministry, and to his surprise, he found a love there that he’d never experienced before.

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God at Work – Jenn Soria

After the unexpected loss of her father, Jenn began a relationship with the One who satisfies her deepest needs, through caring, Christian friends who reached out to her.

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Meet Ariel!

A key leader in our Panali Partnership is visiting Nebraska this week!! Ariel is a sharp young man from Nicaragua who is the Teams Coordinator for Food for the Hungry there. You have the opportunity to meet Ariel and learn more about our partnership in Panali on Saturday, August 18th! Ariel will be at the My Bridge Radio booth during…

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Vicki Caruana – The Joy of Letting Go

Our heads know we are raising our children to one day leave home and make a unique contribution to the world. Our hearts have a hard time letting go. Vicki Caruana shares insights to help us with that process, beginning years before our children are ready to be on their own.

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