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Redeem Your Resolution

Ever notice how New Year’s Resolutions tend to focus on benefiting ME? Lose weight, exercise more, spend less, read the Bible more. All good things! But… what if we flipped just ONE resolution to be about OTHERS! Resolve to do something new this year and sponsor a child in Panali!

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Doug’s Sponsorship Story

Last year, Doug traveled to Panali to meet Walter, their sponsored child, and see the community transformation process first-hand! Doug was so encouraged by Food for the Hungry’s work to lift, not just Walter, but the entire community out of poverty, that Doug and his wife wanted to deepen their involvement in the project. [maxbutton id=”16″ ]

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Panali Needs a Preschool

The community leaders in Panali, Nicaragua, are working to build a NEW preschool building in their community to raise the value of education in Panali and prepare their children for school!

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Nina’s Story

She’s calling it, “the day God pulled out all the stops.” Nina, a single mother of three, was in desperate need of a new roof, but the insurance company wouldn’t cover the cost of repairs. Nina was unsure where the funds would come from, but prayerfully decided to call a local roofing company. What she didn’t know was that this…

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Christmas Stores

During the Christmas season, many low-income parents feel pressured to choose between paying the electric bill or buying Christmas gifts. So imagine their relief – and the HOPE they feel – when they are given an opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts at a minimal cost!! This year, all across Nebraska, Christmas stores in Gothenburg, Omaha, Lincoln, and Geneva, through ministries…

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VOTA Partnership

Bryan with the band VOTA felt led to use his music for Kingdom work, including being part of transforming the community of Panali, Nicaragua. Through an unexpected partnership with My Bridge Radio, Bryan has watched God accelerate the change process in Panali, as over half the children are sponsored and local leaders are rising up to take ownership of the…

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Christian Heritage Partnership

My Bridge Radio-Christian Heritage Partnership Last year Christian Heritage was able to provide safe homes for 404 children in foster care and to help 52 kids find their forever homes through adoption! My Bridge Radio is privileged to partner with Christian Heritage in reflecting God’s heart of compassion for the modern day orphans in our state. Hear more about their…

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Silgia is a Sponsored Child

“I have always wanted to sponsor a child, just had not had the resources but with a new job I was able to think about a sponsorship right when the Panali project through MyBridge was starting up. I took that as a sign and Silgia was the child that popped up first when I went to the page. I looked…

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Mark met Ramon in Panali

“By sponsoring Ramon, we have a personal connection with a child who lives in extreme poverty 2,000 miles away. Our letters serve as an encouragement to him and our financial gift makes it possible for Food for the Hungry to be in his community working on education, health, spiritual growth, and long-term sustainability. Thanks to this partnership, both spiritually and…

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Jill met Nataly in Panali

“We sponsored Nataly because we were excited about how God could use our single sponsorship to effect the entire community of Panali! We’re prayerful that through our sponsorship, Nataly comes to know Jesus personally and gets to grow up with access to education, nutrition, medical treatment and,  one day, employment!” [maxbutton id=”16″ ]

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