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InCommon – Alicia’s story

When Alicia came to Omaha from Mexico, she had a dream of using her accounting degree to support her and her daughter. She needed support for that to happen… support God provided through InCommon Community Development in Omaha.

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Reaching Refugees

God is at work through Veronica as she reaches out to people from unreached people groups… without leaving her hometown!

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Christian Heritage – Rachel’s story

As a former foster child, Rachel understands the needs of foster children – and feels called and equipped to provide loving care for teenage boys. God worked to provide a house for Rachel to make into a home for these boys!

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Maralee Bradley – Empathy

Our children don’t need to be taught to say “mine!!!” Developing empathy, however, involves teaching – and modeling – by parents. Maralee shares very practical tips on how!

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