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Carol Kent – He Holds My Hand

While walking through a very dark time with her son, Carol experienced the reality of God’s Presence and protection, sharing hope for all who are going through tough times.

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Anthony ONeal – finances for students

From his own experience of getting $25,000 in debt as a freshman in college, Anthony ONeal with Ramsey Solutions shares insights for students about handling finances wisely in college… and for parents in teaching their children about money.

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Marta Papik – God at work

As a middle school student, Marta struggled with her identity. Jesus changed her life, and she’s been investing in young people for the past 30 years so they can experience God like she did!

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Walter’s Story

Walter is a 10-year-old child in Panali whose mom travels throughout the year to find day-wage jobs to keep food on the table. Walter’s dad is no longer a part of his life so when his mom is gone, Food for the Hungry stands in the gap for Walter’s family! They have connected Walter to hope despite his circumstances in the form…

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