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are vital

… to fulfilling MyBridge’s mission and God’s call on our ministry!!

Because out of research & relationships comes information and influence, which leads to partnerships and projects!

  • Research leads to information that can lead to projects
  • Relationships lead to influence which can lead to partnerships

The work of volunteer correspondents literally fuels our ministry and connects community members to God and His work through MyBridge.

We are seeking individuals to help us as community correspondents who will:

  • Research who exists in their area and what God is doing there
  • Deepen relationships with ministries, churches, and community leaders, encouraging, uplifting, and supporting those leaders as the relationships are established!
  • Report back all you hear God is doing, which fuels the MyBridge ministry! 
  • Represent MyBridge in the area and the area to MyBridge — help us connect to the community and the community to us. As they are connected to MyBridge, our hope is they are helped in connecting to God, to each other, and to God at work in Nebraska 

Wider reach + Deeper relationships + Current reporting + Feelable representation

= Greater impact!!

Does this describe you?

  • You know God is always at work around us and you want to know where He is at work in your area! 
  • You love your community and are excited to represent your community to MyBridge, and MyBridge to your community!
  • You’re a storyteller – when you hear something exciting or encouraging, you can’t help but pass it on! 
  • You are curious & love asking questions. Meeting new people and encouraging others excites you!

If so, we’d love to hear from you!