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Allison Huebner

Allison Huebner, co-founder of Deborah’s Legacy, shares how God is at work within their ministry as they help women facing homelessness find hope and get the resources needed to see their lives change!

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Beth Moore

Beth Moore shares how her love and passion for God’s Word came to be! Beth will be in Lincoln for Living Proof Live on June 21 and 22.

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God at Work – Crossroads

God is on the move through the Crossroads Center as they provide for their guests’ spiritual, physical, and emotional needs, empowering people like Josh!

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Dr. Kathy Koch – Start with the Heart

When we focus on consequences instead of punishment, we are teaching children to see a bigger picture! Dr. Kathy Koch encourages parents to lead with relationship, reminding children they are loved as they are and cheering on the positive choices they make!

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