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There are people unreached,
in places so hard to reach,
that few have been reached…
and very few are trying!

$47 billion is donated annually to world mission efforts and 400,000 missionaries are serving cross culturally! It’s estimated that only 1% of all world mission funds are invested in unreached people groups. Meaning 97% of ALL mission workers and 99% of all world mission funds are being focused on taking the gospel where it’s already within reach.


The harvest is plentiful,

but the laborers are few;

therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest

to send out laborers into his harvest.

Matthew 9:35-38

Activate Global, MyBridge to the Nations, uses sustainable businesses to equip and empower national disciple makers among the least reached people groups in the world!



Activate Global makes the unreached the top priority! They solely focus on nations where currently only 1% of money goes and less than 2% of the population are Christians… those are the Unreached People Groups!

Learn more about the Unreached People Groups.


Activate Global knows that the best people to take the gospel to these unreached people groups are local believers. They already know the language and the culture! By identifying and empowering local believers to be disciple makers, the gospel can spread among the unreached more easily than through someone from the outside attempting to come into these regions.


Activate Global ensures the ministry of local believers is sustainable through business training followed by small loans to start Kingdom Businesses. These Kingdom Businesses supply local disciple makers with sustainable livelihoods while also positioning them in communities to share the gospel!


In past years, there have been many waves of “Islamization” among this people, bringing the population today to nearly 99.9% Muslim. Many still hold on to traditional occult practices that leave people in deep spiritual, mental and physical bondage. Becoming a follower of Christ from this type of background is generally seen as familial and cultural betrayal. We praise God that He is working among this people and that He has given us a role within His plan! Today, we are fueling a group of local believers who serve as an Activate Training Team! They are identifying, training and sending out disciples of Jesus to reach this people group through small businesses. Today, Jesus is being made known among this people through workers of Kingdom Businesses like a clothing designer, a local tailor, a sheep herder, a furniture builder and a cattle worker. We anticipate many more workers to be sent to the harvest field through this team!