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Jesus Prays for You!

Jesus prays for you… what is He praying, and why? Pastor Jeff Baker shares insights about Jesus’ prayers for us… prayers that reflect His love, care and compassion toward us.

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Maralee Bradley – Self-Care for Moms

Maralee Bradley in Lincoln has 6 preschool and elementary aged children who fill her days with love, laughter and lots of action. It is selfish to think about self-care? Is self-care even possible for a busy mom? Maralee shares insights that encourage us all… as well as moms!

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Jesus prays for us!

An experience Pastor Gregg Madsen had as a middle-school student illustrates how Jesus steps in between us and God, having paid the sentence for our sin on the cross. When sin blows up in our face, Jesus pleads our case before the Father!    

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Refugee Ministry at City Light Lincoln

Veronica Torgerson shares about God at work in and through her life, bringing her back to Lincoln to help lead others into impacting the lives of Lincoln’s residents from around the world.

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Solo Parenting

More than one third of U.S. households are single-parent families… that’s 14 million parents! When Robert Beeson found himself a single parent to his three daughters, his eyes were opened to the sheer volume and tremendous needs of those who are parenting solo. Out of his experiences, Robert authored “Going Solo, Hope & Healing for the Single Mom or Dad”…

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Trusting God in Hardship

Colleen Friesen in Grand Island learned God was weaving a story of healing and hope in her daughter’s life. She could trust Him in the midst of a very difficult circumstance.

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