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Love Like Jesus

Wondering how to show love to someone? Pastor Bryan Clark encourages us to follow Jesus’ example…

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Marriage Transformation – Lydia’s Story

A few years into married life, Lydia and Scott had given up on their marriage. As a last ditch effort, they decided to attend Weekend to Remember, where they were equipped with tools to rebuild their relationship, completely transforming their marriage! This year, Scott & Lydia will be celebrating their 12th anniversary and say Weekend to Remember played a large…

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Imana Kids

Kara Higgins shares about God at work reaching orphaned children in Rwanda for Jesus!

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Child to Sponsor – Egdiel

Egdiel is six years old and is one of four kids in his single-parent family. For a living, Egdiel’s mother works as an entreprenuer, making tortillas and cookies to sell in Panali. Egdiel’s older sister is currently sponsored. He has seen first-hand the special relationship she has with her sponsor, and he has eagerly requested a sponsor as well! Sponsor…

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Child to Sponsor – Keydeling

Keydeling’s story is not unique in Panali. When Keydeling’s 21-year-old mother was pregnant, Keydeling’s father abandoned their family and took her older brother with him. Today, Keydeling’s mother is doing her best as a single mother to raise her with no outside help. Sponsoring Keydeling is an opportunity to encourage and come alongside Keydeling and her mother! As a child…

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