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It's more than a job.

It's a calling!

MyBridge is a committed TEAM of people passionate about living lives of eternal significance! MyBridge stewards the ministry MyBridge Radio, where we help connect listeners to God, to each other, and to the work of God in Nebraska. MyBridge also serves Christian leaders through MyBridge Momentum, helping leaders clarify vision, increase traction, optimize health, and faithfully steward the organizations they lead.

The right people will always find the right spot on the TEAM and we are trusting God to bring the right people at the right time! We are praying for you even as you read this, knowing the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. The TEAM is made up of all kinds of people, skill sets, life experiences, and interests, and together we are praying God uses us in a mighty way. For us, it’s more than a job. It’s a calling!

The TEAM consists of positions ranging from volunteer to paid… part-time to full-time.

The TEAM works from a variety of locations ranging from out of their homes, to coffee shops, to the Ministry Resource Center on O St in Lincoln.


These statements describe our team and the people who fit best in our culture:

  • You love Jesus!

  • You are driven to make an eternal difference with your life!

  • You are firmly planted in Nebraska!

  • You are self motivated and sacrifice to do your best work for Him!

  • You are a team player, able to joyfully submit to the strengths of others!

  • You are comfortably uncomfortable with putting yourself in a position of total dependence on God.

While we are always open to discovering right people and finding a right seat for them, there is currently one position we are actively looking for. Does this describe you?

  • You realize that it’s the countless little details that really make the masterpiece… and you enjoy the details.

  • You probably keep your closet organized by season and color and you can’t understand how someone could misplace their keys.

  • You remember things… you have established systems where things are remembered. Important dates and appointments – never missed one. Special birthdays and anniversaries – the card is in the mail. Bills are paid on time and the checkbook is balanced. It’s just the way you are.

  • You are helpful. If someone asks something of you, consider it done.

  • You are a learner. You’ve probably never filled out forms for the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) or dealt with radio jargon like music licensing fees and public files, but you can learn!

  • You can prioritize your day and are self motivated to do your best work. You are trustworthy.

  • You live in or around Lincoln, NE.

If that’s you and God’s calling you to this adventure, we need you on this team. We look forward to hearing from you.