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Jason Roy

Jason Roy, from Building 429, shares the three-year process it took to create his latest album, “Live the Journey.” Through the process, God used the trials in Jason’s life and the lives around him to create songs for the record.

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Kristin Lukow – Life In Shell

Although our earthly bodies wear down and we won’t live in them forever, Kristin reminds us that through trusting in Jesus, we are able to dwell with Him for eternity in our heavenly bodies!

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God At Work – Christ Place Youth – Bruce

For the past 17 years, God has been changing lives through Bruce’s faithfulness to preach the Gospel to the youth of his church! At a recent youth conference,  God moved in 77 students who want to learn more about having a relationship with Jesus Christ!

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Maralee Mom Moment – Kids In Church

Community with other women in the church is necessary to grow when facing the struggles of parenting!  Maralee knows the value in fellowship and transparency with other mothers, especially when her children’s behaviors are less than ideal!

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Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson, the director of “Boundless,” a Focus on the Family ministry geared towards single young adults, shares her experience of singleness during the holidays and the church’s role in encouraging a single person to honor God in all they do!

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God at Work – Kassy

God is at work through Kassy, who chose to make her faith her own despite the pressures of the college culture around her! She experienced a life transformation through the encouragement of her friends and church family, teaching her that God desires a deep relationship with us over a list of “church to-do’s.”

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Pastor Jeff Baker – Comfort

Pastor Jeff Baker reminds us that our days are numbered and our lives are but a mist! We can find comfort in knowing that God meets us in every season of life!

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Wholly Loved – Forgiveness

Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves. When we embrace Christ’s forgiveness and love for us, He is able to do a healing work in our hearts!

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