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A Closer Look At The Name

As WE have asked the question, “Why Local Christian Radio?” the one word that has repeatedly come to our hearts is “CONNECTION!” Local Christian radio connects believers to God! It has been a THRILL to hear over and over again the impact that is being felt throughout the listening area as individuals are experiencing GOD in very real and personal ways as they listen to God’s Word expressed through song as well as teaching, and in the quietness of their hearts God whispers, “That truth you just heard…that was for you!”

Local Christian radio connects believers to each other! We have been blessed with many different flavors of church in America, giving us the ability to be involved with the style of worship that uniquely meets our need. But with this strength comes a weakness. We have become structurally separated, which is NEVER what God intended. Local Christian radio is a great point of connection among the diverse body of Christ in central Nebraska! Local Christian radio connects believers to the work of God in their midst. There are ministries in our listening area that GOD has placed here for a strategic purpose. You NEED to know about them! And some of you need to be involved in them! It has been a blessing to begin to interface with these warriors as we seek to expose you, our listeners, to what God is doing through them. Also, there is a movement developing in our state – Christian leaders coming together to pray and strategize on how they can together reach EVERY life in their community with the gospel. As these initiatives get launched, how else will you consistently know about them and know how to get involved? Local Christian radio is a prime time tool we believe God will use for that very purpose!

So why “My Bridge Radio”? Because a bridge is a means of connection…creating a pathway over obstacles that would typically stand in the way of that connection! Our desire is that listeners experience this station as a bridge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! “My Bridge Radio” is the ideal picture for what we believe God is purposing through this ministry. Thanks for listening!