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Experiencing Jesus in Prayer

Growing up in what she describes as a “hippie family,” Mary DeMuth experienced a lot of hard days. As a high school student, she learned about Jesus at a Young Life camp and He changed her life! Now the author of more than 30 books, she offers a daily prayer in her year-long devotional “Jesus Every Day – Prayers to…

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God seeks!

Pastor Jeff Baker encourages us with the truth that God is seeking us in love! No need to hide from Him!!

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How old is the earth? What happened to the dinosaurs? What caused the Ice Age? Those questions and many more are answered in the displays of the Semisaurus Mobile Museum – a 48-foot semi trailer converted into a state of the art museum that is packed with high-end displays, animatronic dinosaurs and evidence-based information to teach the truth about creation…

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Maralee Bradley – Summer!

School is out for the summer! Maralee Bradley, a mom of 6 in Lincoln, shares insights about how to handle our own expectations of creating a magical summer for our kids, as well as those two words “I’m bored!!!”

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Hide and Seek

You may have experienced frantically searching for a lost child, not stopping until the child was found. Pastor Gregg Madsen has… and reminds us that God, our loving Father, never stops seeking for those who are lost.

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The Influence of a Father

We celebrate all Nebraska fathers who are reflecting the love and care of our heavenly Father to their children!! Charissa Hansen of Lincoln shares how her godly father – and father-in-law – are impacting her life.

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