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Nino’s Story

Nino grew up in Panali, Nicaragua, and has committed to serving his town as a political and spiritual leader! Nino plays a role similar to a town mayor – he cares for the people who live there, works to understand their needs, and lobbies for the community at the regional government level. But, for many years the regional government didn’t take…

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God our Leader

Pastor Jeff Baker reminds us of why Jesus is uniquely qualified to be our leader. He is with us! He knows us personally! He goes before us! As we learn to know His voice, we are able to better follow Him.

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20/20 Vision – Expanding the Network

As we celebrate God at Work through 20 years of ministry, we see His perfect plan and provision in glorious display through the expansion of the My Bridge Radio Network, fitting the pieces together in ways we could have never imagined!

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Half the List is Done!

A year ago the community leadership team told us about their list of priority projects that would help to transform Panali over the next 8-10 years. Recently when our My Bridge mission team visited, the community leaders beamed with pride as they shared that half the list is already completed! Sanitation, medical treatment, and school attendance have already improved and…

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Extreme Christmas Makeovers!

This week we’re remembering Extreme Christmas Makeovers, when the My Bridge Radio family surrounded families navigating challenging circumstances and in desperate need of help and hope during the Christmas season… like one family with five children who unexpectedly lost their father to a heart attack over Thanksgiving. In their father’s absence, planned home repairs were left uncompleted, making their home…

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Linda Rutz

When Linda’s husband Tom was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, in 2002, they made two promises… they would pray for a miracle and they would not let this change who they were – a family that loved people and would invite them into the journey that lay ahead for them, and many hearts were touched as a result!!

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Dr. Warren Wiersbe

Does studying the Bible seem beyond your reach? Dr. Wiersbe believes we can each delight in studying God’s Word – and that our lives will be transformed as we do!

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Birth of My Bridge Radio

Today, the My Bridge Radio Network of 7 stations and multiple translators is bringing Nebraska together. In early 2003, My Bridge Radio did not yet exist… and then God moved!

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Lead By Serving

We have many criteria in the debate about who is the greatest. Pastor Gregg Madsen reminds us that Jesus’ way is different… true greatness is seen in those who serve!

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