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Sponsor A Child in Panali

In Panali, Nicaragua, the children have limited opportunities for education, clean water, stable food and access to medical help. For $38 a month, you can be a part of seeing Panali transformed. Here’s an amazing fact: 185 children have been sponsored by the My Bridge Radio family… that leaves only 50 left who still need a sponsor!! Become a sponsor for one of…

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Unique Sponsor Connection

When Paige chose Keyling from the sponsorship website, she had no idea she’d have the opportunity to speak into her life in a such a unique way. Paige got to meet Keyling last week when she traveled to Panali on the My Bridge mission team. During her visit, Paige learned that nearly a year ago Keyling’s mother had left her…

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A Hurricane of Hope

A My Bridge mission team spent the past week in Panali helping locals demolish the old warehouse that had served as the preschool in Panali. As the tin roof and cement walls quickly came down, one community leader joked that it was like witnessing a hurricane. Over the course of three days, 118 concrete panels that weighed over 20,000 pounds…

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Jordan Feliz

Jordan shares about his relationship with Jesus and stories behind songs like “The River.”

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Project Panali: Deyring’s Story

Where Deyring lives in Panali, Nicaragua, it’s not uncommon for her classmates to get mixed up with the wrong crowd or drop out of school to be single teen moms. But Deyring has decided to chart a different path. She’s committed to serving at her church, and when Food for the Hungry came to her community, she was invited to…

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God Our Healer

Pastor Jeff Baker reflects on the truth that the healing we seek may be different than the healing God desires for us… a healing that has eternal impact.

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Will’s Story

In high school, Will struggled with anxiety and identity issues. He knew about the Bible, believed it to be true, and believed that God was real! But he hadn’t experienced Jesus in a way that made his faith come to life. Then Will had a conversation with his youth pastor that helped his faith come to life, and he began to…

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