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As MyBridge Radio & VOTA have been partnering with the community leaders in Panali, they’ve drawn up plans for their next project — a community sports pavilion!! In February, we will prayerfully be sending a team from Nebraska to Panali to help with initial construction of the community sports pavilion! Keep your ears open for more details coming soon!

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Sponsor Santos!

Child sponsorship is the foundation for MyBridge Radio & VOTA’s partnership with Food for the Hungry. Sponsorships enable Food for the Hungry to invest in community leadership while working to instill Biblical principles into the community. Sponsorships also enable projects like the Community Sports Pavilion to become a reality! Santos is a 14-year-old boy who would benefit greatly from the Community Sports…

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Dr. David Anderson

As we look this month at caring enough to be uncomfortable, Dr. David Anderson, founder of Safe Families for Children, shares about another opportunity to come alongside families in crisis, offering safe care for children and support and resources for parents.

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God at Work Panali – Pavilion

As MyBridge Radio & VOTA are partnering with community leaders in Panali, Nicaragua, the next project the leaders have chosen is constructing a community sports pavilion!

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Care Enough to Get Uncomfortable – Brittany

Brittany was in a crisis situation. She needed to leave the homeless shelter where she had been staying, but had no support system to help care for her baby, Natyleigh, while she found a place to live. She was afraid if she didn’t find help soon, Natyleigh would be taken away and placed in foster care. A friend told her…

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Brian Berrier

By stepping out in faith and becoming foster parents, Brian Berrier and his wife have seen the miraculous workings of God as they experience the day-to-day challenges of foster care!

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