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Maralee Bradley

Maralee Bradley, mom of six, has some practical tips for teaching children to prioritize and engage in God’s Word!

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Brian Hardin

Brian Hardin, Daily Audio Bible creator, shares his experience reading God’s Word and how the Daily Audio Bible podcast came about!

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Susan Biba And DJ Roberts

Spending daily time in God’s word is an opportunity to meet with God and grow! Susan and DJ have each read through the Bible in a year multiple times and share about the impact it has had on their lives!

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Ben Burns

Weekend to Remember speaker Ben Burns personally knows how impactful this weekend can be. The conference gives couples an opportunity to invest in their marriage while being equipped with powerful Biblical tools to thrive!

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God at Work – Corky Krizek

After Corky gave her life to Jesus, she became a new creation! Over time, the Holy Spirit began to change her, transforming her from the inside! God is moving through Corky, making her more like Jesus every day!

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