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Dr. Warren Wiersbe

Does studying the Bible seem beyond your reach? Dr. Wiersbe believes we can each delight in studying God’s Word – and that our lives will be transformed as we do!

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Birth of My Bridge Radio

Today, the My Bridge Radio Network of 7 stations and multiple translators is bringing Nebraska together. In early 2003, My Bridge Radio did not yet exist… and then God moved!

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Lead By Serving

We have many criteria in the debate about who is the greatest. Pastor Gregg Madsen reminds us that Jesus’ way is different… true greatness is seen in those who serve!

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Faith Made Personal!

Growing up, Dean Buse’s faith was really more about religion than about a personal relationship with Jesus. But in his 20’s, God began to draw Dean to Himself and one of the tools He used in that spiritual journey was My Bridge Radio! One evening flipping through radio stations, Dean stopped on a station that was airing a program on…

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Ron Brown

20 years ago, Ron Brown and Stan Parker co-founded the ministry of Mission Nebraska, now My Bridge. Ron joins Stan to look back and celebrate God at work through this ministry!

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Did You Know…

My Bridge is widely know for the music we play and the words of encouragement we share through our radio ministry! But at the heart of our ministry, we exist to serve the church of Nebraska as a KINGDOM CATALYST, accelerating the work that God is already doing in our state! Our heart is to leverage technology, like the radio, to be…

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Dave Roever

Severely injured in Viet Nam, Dave has experienced the power of choosing love for almost 50 years. Dave will be sharing his story at the Collage Banquets in Kearney and Grand Island.

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It’s Not Over Yet!

A few years ago, Melissa had reached a very low point in her life. She was newly divorced and battling struggles with anxiety and depression. One day as she was driving, Melissa felt prompted to turn on the radio and heard a song on My Bridge that spoke directly to her situation. Through the lyrics of that song, Melissa was…

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