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Impact 360 Insititute

Jonathan Morrow is the director of Cultural Engagement and Immersion at Impact 360 Institute, which is cultivating leaders who follow Jesus through life-changing experiences that help students live out their faith with confidence. Learn more about opportunities for high school and college students at Impact 360 Institute.  [maxbutton id=”16″ url=”” text=”Learn More” ]

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From Nebraska to China

After supporting the ministry of Show Hope in China for a number of years, Vanessa Schaecher will see their ministry in person as she serves there on a mission trip in June!

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The Preaching Group

A group of men at Ridgeview Bible Church in Chadron invested in being trained in their knowledge and understanding of preaching. Their sessions were coming to a close when they learned of a church in need of an interim pastor, and they were able to meet the need together!

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A Life Changed!

Erin faithfully invested in Megan… and God used Erin’s words to remind Megan of the hope she has in Jesus. God transformed Megan’s life, and Megan now invests in others as she serves with Campus Life!

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Preschool Project – UPDATE!

Demolition was completed and construction on the new preschool building began shortly after Easter weekend! Tremendous progress is being made as the foundation has been secured and walls are going up! Community leaders are encouraged by the progression of the project. What an improvement from the old warehouse building they were previously using for preschool! They are expecting preschool attendance…

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Sponsor Fredis!

In Panali, Nicaragua, children have limited opportunities for education, clean water, stable food and access to medical help. For $38 a month, you can be part of seeing Panali transformed. Here’s an amazing fact: 189 children have been sponsored by the My Bridge Radio family… that leaves only 44 who still need a sponsor!! Become a sponsor for Fredis or one of these…

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Attending School in Panali

For many students, attending school in Panali, Nicaragua, is no small feat! In rural Panali there are no school buses so many elementary aged kids are walking over 10 miles to attend school each day! Some students have to work in the fields before attending school. Others have to cross a river to get to school because there’s no bridge, so during rainy…

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Summit Ministries

Dr. Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries, is committed to training teens and college students through worldview conferences that help students be confident in their faith.

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