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2 Min Video. If you knew their story would you care?

Care Enough to Get Uncomfortable?

Let us help answer some of your questions about Foster Care!

In His grace, God chose to move toward us in compassion BECAUSE of our messiness and sin… because of OUR “uncomfort.” As those who represent Him, are we willing to also move into the uncomfortable with compassion toward those whose lives are messy and are in need through no fault of their own? 

From His Word, we know that God has a heart of compassion for the orphan. In our culture, the modern day orphan is in the foster care system. Whether they are orphaned for a day, a month or a lifetime, they are separated from the protection, provision and nurturing of their birth family and need a loving home where those can be provided… where they can receive help and hope!

In Nebraska right now, there are approximately 3,240 state wards in out of home placements. Could God have a place for you in meeting the needs of these children in foster care? Perhaps that will be by supporting a foster family, perhaps by providing respite care, or perhaps by actually becoming foster parents.

Do you care enough to move toward God with a willingness for Him to move your heart toward the hurting children in our state?

Are you willing to pray a very risky prayer: “God, is there something You want me to do for the orphans among us? Is there something You want from me and/or my family in the area of foster care?”

Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. 
(Matthew 16:24)

Here are some potential next steps for you!

  1. Attend a Foster Care Information Meeting

Our ministry partners at Christian Heritage have been training and supporting foster families for over 30 years. Their upcoming events include:

  • Tuesday, September 25 – New Life Church – 2715 W 39th Street, Kearney
  • Thursday, September 27 – Christ Place Church – 1111 Old Cheney Rd., Lincoln

Our ministry partner Compass also supports Christian foster families in Central Nebraska. Their upcoming events include:

  • Monday, September 24, Compass Office, 514 W 11th St Kearney
  • Monday, October 15, Location TBD – North Platte
  • Monday, October 22, Location TBD – McCook

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2. Listen to our Morning Conversations every Tuesday and Thursday in September.

We have conversations planned to give you insights and encouragement on following God into the uncomfortable… especially related to Foster Care.

3. Other Resources


Have a general question about Foster Care? Six of the MyBridge teammates have done or are doing foster care currently, and we would love to help answer any questions you have!  Join the Conversation