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Day Sponsors invest in the impact of My Bridge Radio through an on-air tribute, celebrating a special day, event or a loved one. We have 2 options for day sponsors, either a half-day sponsorship for $500 or a full day sponsorship for $1000.

On your sponsored day, we will air your day sponsor message hourly – either at the top of each hour or 30 minutes after the hour. Half-day sponsors can choose an AM sponsorship (message plays hourly from midnight to noon) or a PM sponsorship (message plays hourly from noon to midnight). Full day sponsor messages play hourly for all 24 hours of your selected date.

We are able to meaningfully accommodate up to two full day sponsors each day; therefore, you may hear a message from another day sponsor on your day as well.

If you would like to sponsor your day sponsor date every year, you can become an Ongoing Day Sponsor – which automatically renews your date and pledge every year. Each fall, you will be mailed a reminder of your day sponsor date and pledge. No response is necessary unless you want to make changes for the upcoming year. To become an Ongoing Day Sponsor, mark the checkbox when filling out your Day Sponsor pledge form.

Become a Day Sponsor

Once your day sponsor date has been confirmed, please use our online form to submit your information for your day sponsor message. It is helpful for us to have this information as soon as possible, or at least 6 weeks before your day sponsor date.

Submit Your Day Sponsor Message

Questions?  Contact us at or call 888-627-1020.

*My Bridge Radio is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization; your gifts are tax deductible.

I enjoy your station so much! Everyone at work knows the station I listen to. One of the guys at work commented that listening to country music leaves him feeling depressed. I was able to share that that’s why I listen to the station I do. It helps me focus on the Lord, and leaves me uplifted and encouraged. Not only does your music keep my mind where it needs to be…I find the announcers little “life lessons” to be very thought-provoking and insightful. Keep on doing what you are doing! – Sue, Alliance