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CityLight Church

4383 Nicholas Street, Omaha, NE 68131

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Featured sermons played Sundays in February at 10:30AM and 9:30PM on MyBridge Radio.

February 2 - False Finish Lines and the Messy Middle - Pastor Gavin Johnson

February 9 - Hey Hyper Religious Guy Chill Out - Pastor Chris Hruska

February 16, March 29 - Jesus Forgives Sins and Befriends Sinners - Pastor Gavin Johnson

February 23 - Jesus - Nothing - Everything - Pastor Chris Hruska

We gather (in two locations) every Sunday at 9 and 11 AM. Coffee and donuts are served 30 minutes before each gathering. You are welcome no matter what your spiritual background is. We invite skeptics and people from any religious tradition to come check us out. Feel free to dress casual or wear a tie! Every Sunday youʼll experience the reading of Scripture, strong Christ-centered preaching, and musical worship incorporating both contemporary songs and hymns.

Contact Information
Phone: 402-932-8850

We love CityLight

I have not experienced a church body like CityLight in 43 years! Jesus focused always, community minded and loves people like crazy! Making disciples and planting churches. We love CityLight!


CityLight is a wonderful church family! They love Jesus first but then that love oozes out to the people around them, not just to those that come in the building but also to the [...]

One of a Kind!

Seen a lot of churches in my 56 years... never one like CityLight!!! Maximum impact not just internally but always outward as well... advancing the gospel!!

CityLight Church

Found this church after a move from Virginia. p\Preaching is from scripture, powerful, worship music inspirational, fellowship encouraging. Mission of the church to build disciples and multiple churches. Also great to see so many [...]

CityLight Makes My Week

CityLight is the most amazing church. The sermons and constant pointing to Jesus have changed my life, my marriage and my relationships.

I Love This Church!

Citylight Omaha means SO much to me and my family!!!