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Did you know?

  • 3,691 Nebraska kids were victims of substantiated cases of abuse and neglect in 2015
  • 85% of those were victims of neglect (not abuse)
  • 3,400 children are in the foster care system
  • About 70% of kids in Nebraska foster care return to live with parents or family

There is a great need for more Christian foster families!

Morning Conversation with Renee Johnson & Kayla Butler – Compassion in Action, a focus on moms with children in Foster Care

Morning Conversation with Amber Baker, Insights from a 16-year Foster Mom

Morning Conversation with Stacy Scholten, DHHS, and McKenna Kennan, Parent of Children in Foster Care

Morning Conversation with Cheryl Weinberg

Our partners Christian Heritage and Compass are great Nebraska ministries set up to train, empower, encourage and support Christian foster parents.