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You also joining in helping us through your prayers, so that thanks may be given by many persons on our behalf for the favor bestowed on us through the prayers of many. 2 Corinthians 1:11

Scheduled Trips

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Minden to Haiti - August -TBD

 “Water 4 Haiti” was started in 2008 by Chuck Larsen and his wife.  Chuck will be going to Haiti in August for a few months to talk with employees. He spends 6 months each year in Haiti. Water 4 Haiti works with sanitation, clean water, cisterns, irrigation and mainly the repairing of hand pumps.

Prayer Request:

Our biggest request is that we are not sponsored by any specific church or civic organization. We rely only on the Lord to touch people’s hearts and support us. We have always met our needs, not necessarily our goals for projects. Please pray for people to come and see the needs of the people of Haiti and that we would have an increase in donors.

Lincoln to Côte d’Ivoire, Africa - August 31-July 31

Campus Crusade for Christ will be sending three interns to Côte d’Ivoire, Africa from the United States. Full-time staff is there currently.

They will be going to different Universities and college campuses in Abidjan, sharing the gospel and building relationships with them. They will be encouraging them to make their faith their own and to share it. They will travel throughout the country.

Prayer Request:

Pray for the Ivorians that live there. They are very “works based” minded. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of those we will interact with. Pray for the team. That we may know that it is not in our own abilities but it is the Lord who works through them. Pray for the transition to leave family, culture, and everything they know. In my times of doubt, I become nervous and doubtful of my abilities.

Sterling, CO to Rwanda Africa - December 25-January 10

This team will spend its time in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Our first stop will be the Genocide Memorial Museum so that our team can gain a perspective of what this country has experienced and how far they have come. While in Kigali we will partner with 2 of our ministry partners in Rwanda.

 As a nation, Rwanda has made a commitment to move orphans to families and to keep families together and the ministries we partner with in Rwanda all work towards this goal.

Under His Umbrella1 and Vineyard Christian School: We first visited the Twa community of Bugasera in December 2013. The Twas are the smallest ethnic group in Rwanda.  Our time here will be spent serving in the school, putting on VBS activities and visiting families so we can share our stories with them and allow them to share theirs with us.

Best Family Rwanda: The leaders of BFR were orphaned in the genocide and now they care for a new generation of at-risk and vulnerable children.

Prayer Request:

Please pray for humility and a readiness to go to Rwanda Africa.  Also, please pray that money to fund this trip will be provided. Thanks so much, God bless you.

Returned Trips

Lincoln to Pearland, TX - May 27-June 2

Lincoln Lutheran High School’s Community Outreach Trip has been preparing to go to the Houston area since the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. They will be working with Samaritan’s Purse in nearby Pearland, TX to assist with the rebuilding effort. They will be assisting in the construction and the rebuilding of homes.

Please pray:

We will be traveling by two vans. Please pray for our safe travels and that we will be a true reflection of Christ’s love. Please pray for us to be examples of young people living for the Lord and coming alongside Him in His work.

Beatrice to Unalakleet, Alaska - May 29-June 4

Volunteers from New Covenant Community Church and Coventry Bible Camp will be preparing meals, the main function being kitchen duties and following with Prayer Leadership.  Our camp will be training about 40 youth to become camp leaders. The camp runs for about 6 weeks.

Please pray:

That our staff & all the young people attending will get here safely & return home safely. That the staff can be Godly examples. That we would have the opportunity to pray & tell these young people what God has done in our lives. That God would open the doors to share Jesus Christ with them.

Lincoln to Montrouis, Haiti - May 30-June 7

This group is made up of 8 adult members of North Pointe Community Church.

During this mission trip, our team will be conducting a teacher workshop with local teachers in the community. We will teach skills for teachers to apply to their current classrooms. The team will also be partnering with a local orphanage and community group to do VBS with the children. During that time, the team’s main purpose is to share Jesus’ love and to build relationships with the local Haitians.

Please pray:

For safety traveling to and from. Also for the hearts of the Haitians that we will be coming in contact with.

Grand Island to Sioux Falls, SD - May 31-June 3

We are taking middle and high school students and adult sponsors.

We will visit and serve at multiple mission sites, including homeless shelters, food banks, soup kitchens and kids programs. We will also attend worship services at two different churches and do a group Bible study every night.

Please pray:

We have some middle schoolers going away from home for the first time. Also, one of our student has special needs.

Arcadia to Aransas Pass and Rockport, TX - June 2-10

Arcadia United Methodist Chruch is sending 44 volunteers that will be traveling to Aransas Pass and Rockport, TX. They will be spreading God’s love through their presence and actions. They will be doing construction work and rebuilding homes destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. They will break into several teams at several different houses and will be doing a variety of construction jobs such as framing, drywall, roofing, siding, flooring, etc.

Please pray:

Pray for all the families we are being sent to help that we don’t even know yet. For the bus driver and our safety on the roads. Pray for  the construction leadership in Texas lining up the jobs and families. Safety on the job sites for all the volunteers and that we may be good representations of God’s love through our words and actions.

Lincoln to Narok, Kenya - June 2-July 2

There is a team from Lincoln traveling to Narok, Kenya to hold a student retreat, as well as follow up on different projects for the Hope Venture. The Henn family is in South Africa now and will travel to Kenya on June 3rd to prepare for the team a couple weeks ahead of time! The leaders of the team are Josh and Victoria Petersen, but Josh’s mom (and director of the Hope Venture) Cynci, will also be on the team.

The Henn family will arrive before the rest of the Lincoln team to meet with their Kenya partner, Elijah, and spend time with his family. They will visit schools and prepare for the student sponsorship retreat of 70 sponsored high school students. There will be a few members of the team traveling to Uganda for a few days to follow up on projects there.

The goal is to invest deeply in students and encourage their faith. They want to build stronger relationships with their partners in Kenya and make sure the projects are going well. After the Hope Venture team flies home on the 26th of June, the Henn family will be staying an additional week to work with a pastor in Nairobi, to preach at his church and also visit a school that he started in rural Kenya.


Please pray:

Prayer that the team would work well together and everyone’s strengths would be used (& especially that the Henn kids would be seen as a blessing for the specific qualities they bring to the group). Prayer that Jill is able to capture quality photography and earnest, heartfelt stories that the Hope Venture can use to spread awareness and grow in support to impact more people. Prayers that they would accomplish all that they set out to do, but put more of a priority and emphasis on the relationships instead of the tasks at hand. Prayer that the Henn family is strengthened through this experience together, and that God shows up in big, tangible ways that grow and stretch their faith. Prayers that the sponsored students who come to this retreat experience the love of Jesus like never before, and that there is real change that happens in their hearts and lives!

Kearney, NE - June 3-9

Teenagers and leaders from 1st Baptist Church will be working for Habitat for Humanity in Kearney during the day. This will mainly consist of home construction. At night the team is staying at Press-On ministries and serving them by completing small projects. This includes cleaning, sorting, and painting.

Please pray:

Prayer for excitement and commitment. Since it is a local trip, there are multiple distractions.

Harvard to Lincoln - June 5-6

Six teenagers and three adults will be volunteering on June 5th at the People’s City Mission in Lincoln, NE. They will be working with the homeless however they are directed. This may include: working with children, helping serve lunch, pulling weeds, stocking items, etc. On June 6th, they will go to the Benedictine Center.

Please pray:

I read an article a couple of days ago that stated the homeless population is only half of what it was six years ago in Lincoln, praise God! Please pray that this trend continues, especially among children and veterans. Pray that our participants will see Christ at work along the way and faithfully share our stories during worship on June 10th.

Milford to Akiachak, Alaska - June 6-16

Working with Alaska Mission for Christ (AMC), seven members of St. John church along with eight current and former students from Concordia University-Nebraska are on this team. Four of the St. John members are parent/child pairs. This is the 9th year that a team from our church has gone to this village in Alaska.

We will be conducting VBS during the day, and a basketball camp in the evening for all the children in the village. We do a 5 day (Mon-Fri) VBS program with a closing service on Sunday. We also take time to connect and build relationships with the members of the village. Some of the team members have been on this trip in past years, so they reconnect and continue to grow their relationships with the members and elders of the village. We will sleep/eat, conduct the basketball camp and make our headquarters in the village school.

Prayer Request:

Please pray for safety for team members as we travel. Pray for cooperation of the new school staff so that there are no issues with our lodging. Pray that we are able to build good relationships that allow us to shine the light of Jesus into their lives. There is a church in the village, but not a consistent pastor presence. For some of the children, this week of VBS is the only time they hear about Jesus.

Lincoln to Luoyang China - June 8-17

This group is made of ladies from all across the United States. A variety of ages are represented. All have a passion for orphan care.

The majority of our time will be spent at Maria’s Big House of Hope – a medical care center for special needs orphans. We will come alongside the nannies as they care for the children as we play with and cuddle the children. We will do small projects as needed. We will support the preschool teacher. We will also have the chance to do a little sightseeing at the Great Wall of China. More about Show Hope and Maria’s Big House of Hope can be found at

Prayer Request:

I have issues with motion sickness, so I would appreciate prayer that the medicines and alternative efforts I am taking will be effective to control the motion sickness so that the hours of travel will not negatively effect my effectiveness as a member of the mission team.

Beaver City to San Pedro Sula, Honduras - June 13-22

A family from Beaver City will be traveling to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. This group will be helping missionaries Randy & Marisa Peterson who live there.

They will be taking 300 lbs of clothes, shoes, & toys for kids in the poorest parts of the country. They will be doing street ministry while taking 40lb bags of food to families in need. They will be ministering in churches. They will also go to the hospital & pray for the sick, as well as uplift them with food & personal needs. They will be going to a jungle where they will be helping the kids there.

Prayer Request:

Pray that God will cover all finances on this trip as we are still in need, but know God has a plan! Pray for health & pray that God will work in these peoples lives, as well as ours.

Grand Island to the Omaha Reservation - June 16-23

Grace Covenant Church is sending a team to the Omaha and Winnebago Native American Reservations. They will share the Gospel through a VBS to the kids in Macy, NE, which is the capital of the Omaha Nation.

They will serve the elders of the tribe through service projects that seek to meet their needs. These projects can involve yard clean-up, home repair and/or painting, light construction on ramps for easier access. They will visit the friends that they have made over the years to continue sowing the seeds of the Gospel. They will also share the Gospel through music when there is an opportunity at the nursing home.

Prayer Request:

Prayers that God would bless the kids at VBS with open hearts and a cooperative spirit. Some of the kids are not as respectful without being held accountable by a local person, so we are hopeful that God will provide an atmosphere for us to communicate the Gospel clearly. If it ends up being through hardship and opposition – that we will be able to bear witness to Him in that as well.

Aurora to Pine Ridge, South Dakota - June 17-23

Pleasant View Bible Church is taking a group from their senior high youth group to Pine Ridge, South Dakota. They will be doing construction-type projects.

Prayer Request:

Pray that we would have safety, grow in unity as a group, have a servant’s heart, and most of all grow in relationships with Christ.

Stromsburg to Haiti - June 17-26

Stromsburg Evangelical Free Church is sending a group consisting of two male leaders and one female leader along with four high school youth to Haiti.

They will be going to and helping Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage in Haiti. While there they will be helping with construction projects assisting to erect more housing units, assist and help the staff and show love to the orphans. They will uphold and extend the mission to provide and promote spiritual growth for each child in a Christ-centered environment.

Prayer Request:

Pray for safe travels, health, being helpful and encouraging to the staff at the Orphanage. Pray for the hearts of the Orphans and that they would grow spiritually in the Lord. Pray that each member on the group would deepen their faith in Christ and that the gospel would further penetrate Haiti.

Olivia, one of the students on the trip, asks for prayer for God to deepen her faith as she trusts in Him, as this is her first mission trip and first time traveling internationally.

Hastings to Big Island of Hawaii - June 20-28

This group consists of a high school youth mission team and 5 adults sponsors. We will be working to help build a United Methodist Church Camp, Camp Mekokiko. This is the only United Methodist Church Camp in the entire state of Hawaii. There are very few Christian camps in Hawaii, whether denominational or non-denominational.

We could be doing construction, painting, building fences, clearing vegetation, etc. The camp is very limited as to what it can offer at this point, so we are hoping to make a difference for future children, youth and adults in Hawaii, so that they may experience Christ while attending church camp.

Prayer Request:

Prayers for safe travel, and safety while in Hawaii. Prayers that the volcanic activity is reduced in the coming days and weeks and while we are in Hawaii. Prayers for the people of Hawaii that they can know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Grand Island to Denver, CO - June 23-30

19 high school students from Peace Lutheran Church in Grand Island will go to Denver, CO. We will serve with the Sun Valley Youth Center – a youth center that serves in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in Denver.

Prayer Request:

Prayer for safe travel and that the Holy Spirit works.

Kearney to Austin, TX - June 24-30

Teenagers and adult leaders from 1st Baptist Church will be learning how to share the Gospel, as well as sharing the Gospel in Austin, TX.

Prayer Request:

Prayer for strength, stamina, and courage to share the Gospel on the streets of Austin.

Chadron to Bulgaria - June 28-July 10

12 people, ages high school to retired from Ridgeview Bible Church are headed to Bulgaria. We will be helping with two summer music-themed outreach camps hosted by Josiah Venture.

Prayer Request:

Unity for the team, and that we would serve our long-term hosts well, creating many new opportunities for ministry and discipleship.

Grand Island to Malawi and Zambia - June 28-July 14

Grand Island Free Church will be sending a group to Malawi and Zambia. They will be working in the clinic learning what needs to take place to build a new clinic in Malawi. They will also be doing a VBS and baptisms.

Prayer Request:

Pray for those who hear the good news of the Gospel and accept Christ as their Savior. Pray for travel mercies and words from God as we speak.

Lincoln to Haiti - July 4-13

Sheridan Lutheran is sending a group of college-aged to retired-aged to Haiti. They will be joining several other churches from Texas, Georgia, and Ohio to lead two Bible schools in Jacmel. One camp will be with children living within that community. The other camp will be for children living at Wings of Hope, a home for children with disabilities.

Prayer Request:

Pray for health and safety of all who are serving at the camp. Pray for safe travels to and from Haiti. Also, pray for open hearts of the children who are participating that they may be able to feel God’s love surrounding them.

Osceola to Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota - July 8-13

United Methodist Church and Calvary Lutheran Church are sending 9 high school youth and 3 adults to Pine Ridge Reservation in SD. They will be serving in whatever way the community has need of. Summer Day School for children, outdoor work repairing or painting buildings, etc..

Prayer Request

Pray that by the Holy Spirit, we would be evidence of God’s faith, hope, and love, in and through us. Also pray for an abundance of joy to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus to everyone we encounter. Pray for safe travel, too.

Grand Island to Denver, CO - July 7-14

9 college students from Peace Lutheran Church in Grand Island will go to Denver, CO. We will serve with the Sun Valley Youth Center – a youth center that serves in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in Denver.

Prayer Request:

Prayer for safe travel and that the Holy Spirit works.

Lincoln to Honduras - July 10-26

This group consists of 6 people from my high school and is organized by ACE ministries. While there, we will be assisting schools in need.

Prayer Request:

Please pray that the Lord would bless this trip.

Omaha & Council Bluffs, IA to Kigali, Rwanda - July 12-21

Team members from all over the United States will go to Kigali, Rwanda to serve Imana Kids: Orphan Care Ministry. The ages vary from 13-62 and there are 24 people.

This team will be working with the children and young adults that are part of our sponsorship program. They will be doing a life skills workshop with the young adults and VBS for the kids. Additionally, we will be breaking ground at our Hope Village and celebrating our 5 year anniversary!

Prayer Request:

Prayers for unity, physical safety, and no flight problems. Prayers for the children to continue to build healthy attachments and bonding. Prayers that Christ may be glorified.

Beatrice to Aguilla, Mississippi - July 20-28

Christ Community Church’s high school student mission trip will be sending 23 students, 7 adult leader/support team and 3 kids to Aguilla, Mississippi.

They will be serving at Christian Light Missionary Baptist Church. In the morning they will have a VBS for 5 year olds through 5th graders, and in the afternoon they will be doing a “Living the GOSPEL” training/study with the 6th graders and older.

Prayer Request:

Pray that God will work in such a way through us that VBS and afternoon students will accept Jesus as their savior. Pray that those who have already accepted Jesus as their savior will grow closer to Him and bolder in living out their faith. Pray that God will use these 9 days and work in our group to have unity, deeper faith, boldness in sharing our faith, and joy in our lives as believers.

Sidney to Cottbus, Germany - July 24-August 8

Two individuals will be traveling to Cottbus, Germany to teach English at an evangelistic and discipleship focused camp.

They will be working with the full-time missionaries and the 5 interns, along with national volunteers for the camp

Prayer Request:

Pray for a clear demonstration of the love of God. For the Christian youth who attend camp, they may not see many expressions of God’s love, so that they could be encouraged and strengthened by it. Pray for those who are not Christians, that they would see that God’s love is something different, and want to know more about how to be in God’s love through Jesus.

Pray for unity for the team, the combination of me arriving just before camp, the interns and the national volunteers, we will be communicating before camp, but this will be the first time we are all together.

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