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Any deep change in how we live begins with a deep change in how we think. So, here are some resources we’ve found helpful in beginning to think differently about rest.


“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest”

(Matt. 11:28 NASB).

What would happen if we started to stop for a day?

If we stopped doing some things that are distracting us from experiencing the gift of rest God has given us… and instead started embracing His good plan for a day of rest.

That’s the question the MyBridge TEAM is exploring together, and we invite you to journey with us!

We’ll be exploring four building blocks for a day of rest.

  • connect to God: worship Him all day, being attentive to His presence at all times
  • connect to church: relate to God’s people by going to church
  • connect to family: enjoy time with family and friends by playing, eating, chatting
  • connect to self: do the things you love to do, things that re-create your soul

For some, you are just plain tired and often overwhelmed—such that even a day of rest seems just one more thing to do. It may take some time to make necessary adjustments, but as you reclaim that time for rest and worship, we believe you will begin to treasure it, and look forward to it, just as we have… and need it like a refreshing drink of ice water on a scorching Nebraska day.

We passionately believe that setting apart an entire day, one out of seven, for resting and worship and play is a gift and not a burden, and neglecting the gift too long will make your soul hard and dry and spent.

You are too important to live life spent! So, come explore this gift of rest with us.

This is what we’re not going to do: give you a list of rules. We hope to give you some ideas to try to help you successfully explore the concept of rest.

  • Sometimes we first change some actions, and then our minds catch up.
  • Sometimes our minds are ready, but it takes awhile to change our actions.

So, take some of our ideas, give them a try, and tweak for what works for you! Then, come back to share your experience with the MyBridge family!

As you begin to explore a day of rest, you may encounter some questions. We’d love to share some of the things we’ve learned on our journey! If you have other questions, please join the conversation.

It might not be popular or easy. It isn’t easy for us either… but we are cheering each other on because we believe there is something in this for all of us. THE REST OF GOD!