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When you invest in My Bridge Radio, you are part of the impact that happens in the lives of our listeners. The following stories are just a glimpse into the breadth of impact that happens across Nebraska each day through My Bridge Radio!

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Through the Spiritual Focus

At the beginning of January I would listen to Stan and Gordon talk about surrender every day. And in my heart I would say, “no God, I will not be open to praying this.” As the month progressed, I would have a conversation with God pretty much every day. By mid January it had changed a little, “why am I so unwilling to surrender to you God? and “what is it that I am holding onto that I don’t want You to reveal to me, God?” I had a sense that “they day” was coming this weekend. I was reading in Matthew and Jesus told his disciples that He would have to suffer. Peter told Him that it shouldn’t be that way. Jesus told Peter that he was a stumbling block. I took some time to really pray through this. I am being rebellious towards God, not wanting to face whatever it is that He wants in my life, especially if it would cost me something. I have become very comfortable where I am at in life, and in my spiritual walk. Not a very good place to be. At church, the pastor’s sermon – Romans 8, being a conqueror. What most spoke to me was that he explained verse 26, that the Holy Spirit is there to help us through our weaknesses, He is there to help carry the burden and get us to the end. So, I got real with God and surrendered…..I wanted you to know the impact of your ministry. You are obedient ministers of the Gospel and of God’s truths to His people. Thank you for not just taking a day or a week to focus on surrender, but an entire month, so that this hard heart of mine had to be confronted, reminded, urged, softened.

— Anonymous

Through the Music

My husband and I saw Casting Crowns at the Lincoln Berean Church last night and we were blessed beyond measure! Their music ministered to us both individually and together. A year and a half ago we separated and divorced. During our time apart, many of their songs truly spoke to my heart and to my husbands. I can say with joy in my heart that we are now remarried and were able to celebrate our 25th Anniversary last December. God used the music of Casting Crowns to help restore our marriage! We are truly blessed to have a second chance!

– Juanita, Assumption, NE

Through Connecting to Resources

My wife and I attended the Weekend to Remember at Lincoln this past weekend thanks to the Staff of My Bridge Radio who made it possible. To tell you that that it was a life changing experience and saved our marriage would be a gross understatement! I just can’t put into words what it meant to us, but it did undoubtedly save our marriage and my soul!! I considered myself a Christian but I wasn’t because I NEVER FULLY submitted to his his will and his ways, I made the commitment to do that this past weekend, and renewed my vows to my wife. Having said that, I have NEVER felt the impact of the Lord in my life like I do now. My wife had put this plan in motion to attend the Weekend to Remember, and I was going along with the idea not that I was thrilled to be doing it, but knew she wanted to, and I thought it might help her. As the weekend progressed my attitude changed and with it my heart changed. To conclude the weekend, as we started the truck to leave the hotel, I backed out of our parking stall and the radio came on (BY ITSELF!) my truck does not have any fancy steering wheel radio controls. The radio was turned up so it was a normal volume and was on a Christian Radio Station….PLAYING A SONG ABOUT NOT GIVING UP ON MARRIAGE! Absolutely true story! I would think the Lord would have more important things to do than mess with my radio but I sure am glad he took some time to do it! Thanks again for a new lease on life!

– Norton, KS