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It feels like “home.”

    It feels like “home.”

Kearney eFree has been my church family for 33 years beginning when I visited one Sunday early in my freshman year of college because an upper classman knocked on my door and invited me. At Kearney eFree, we believe that EVERY person matters and that means YOU. If you’re searching for a place to call “home,” we have room for you and all of your “baggage.” (Believe me, each one of us at this church has our own “baggage,” and we just love each other, bags and all! 😊) We’d love to have you join us as we “build a transformational community by growing in love with Christ and all people.” You will find an unwavering commitment to the truth of the gospel, and unconditional love in the person of Jesus Christ. You don't need to "get yourself together" or get yourself "cleaned up" before coming to church; you are loved right where you are, right THIS moment. We’d love to have you journey through the struggles and joys of life right along with us! Hope to see you soon!


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