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Panali has 6 months of rainy season, 6 months of hot sunshine, and no large covered gathering space in their town. But the Community Sports Pavilion would change that!

The Community Sports Pavilion would provide a sheltered, shady place for recreation and education to happen all year round. The pavilion will be built on property adjacent to the school and will make it possible add new daily P.E. classes for the kids. The school will also use the space for parent meetings and graduation ceremonies. The community will use the pavilion as a gathering place for everything from kids Bible club activities to adult training seminars to wedding ceremonies.

The local leadership team in Panali has chosen this Pavilion as their next big project.

When you make a pledge for Sharathon this fall, a portion of your gift will go toward the construction of this facility!

These photos below are from a very similar pavilion already in use in a different region of Nicaragua… this is the model of what we plan to build with your help in February 2019!