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Post your score in the comments!


1 – Can’t Carry a Tune
2 – Sing in the Shower
3 – Garage Band
4 – Coffee Shop Gigs
5 – DJ in Training
6 – Open for the Opening Act
7 – Opening Act
8 – Epic Rock Star Ninja

6 thoughts on “Good Luck!”

    1. Holly Schoenecker says:

      Awesome! Thanks for playing!!

  1. Ann says:

    1! I know the tunes and words but not the name of the song!

    1. Holly Schoenecker says:

      We totally understand Ann… I think the average that the My Bridge team scored was about a 3! Did you enjoy the Mercy Me concert?

  2. Madison says:

    7/8!!! So close!

  3. Ellen Miller says:

    Fun!! We got 4.

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