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Life Change Leads to Impact

June 21, 2018

God was at work through the tough times in Bobbie Jo Johnson’s life, drawing her to Himself. And now others are being impacted as God works through her family’s home being a Lighthouse in North Omaha!

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Experiencing Jesus in Prayer

June 19, 2018

Growing up in what she describes as a “hippie family,” Mary DeMuth experienced a lot of hard days. As a high school student, she learned about Jesus at a Young Life camp and He changed her life! Now the author of more than 30 books, she offers a daily prayer in her year-long devotional “Jesus Every Day – Prayers to…

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Creation Instruction Association

June 16, 2018

Brian Young shares how the Creation Instruction Association equips and educates about creation and the gospel through tools like the Semisaurus Mobile Museum.

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June 14, 2018

How old is the earth? What happened to the dinosaurs? What caused the Ice Age? Those questions and many more are answered in the displays of the Semisaurus Mobile Museum – a 48-foot semi trailer converted into a state of the art museum that is packed with high-end displays, animatronic dinosaurs and evidence-based information to teach the truth about creation…

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Maralee Bradley – Summer!

June 12, 2018

School is out for the summer! Maralee Bradley, a mom of 6 in Lincoln, shares insights about how to handle our own expectations of creating a magical summer for our kids, as well as those two words “I’m bored!!!”

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Jonathan Morrow – Generation Z

June 5, 2018

If you know a child between the ages of 3 and 19, you know a member of Generation Z. Jonathan shares insights about this generation and the impact of the culture in which they are growing up.

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Impact 360 Insititute

June 4, 2018

Jonathan Morrow is the director of Cultural Engagement and Immersion at Impact 360 Institute, which is cultivating leaders who follow Jesus through life-changing experiences that help students live out their faith with confidence. Learn more about opportunities for high school and college students at Impact 360 Institute.  [maxbutton id=”16″ url=”” text=”Learn More” ]

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From Nebraska to China

May 31, 2018

After supporting the ministry of Show Hope in China for a number of years, Vanessa Schaecher will see their ministry in person as she serves there on a mission trip in June!

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