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Kristin Lukow – Life In Shell

November 26, 2018

Although our earthly bodies wear down and we won’t live in them forever, Kristin reminds us that through trusting in Jesus, we are able to dwell with Him for eternity in our heavenly bodies!

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Maralee Mom Moment – Kids In Church

November 20, 2018

Community with other women in the church is necessary to grow when facing the struggles of parenting!  Maralee knows the value in fellowship and transparency with other mothers, especially when her children’s behaviors are less than ideal!

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Pastor Jeff Baker – Comfort

November 19, 2018

Pastor Jeff Baker reminds us that our days are numbered and our lives are but a mist! We can find comfort in knowing that God meets us in every season of life!

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Wholly Loved – Forgiveness

November 19, 2018

Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves. When we embrace Christ’s forgiveness and love for us, He is able to do a healing work in our hearts!

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Maralee – Mom Moment – Empathy

November 13, 2018

God offers us grace and compassion every day in the midst of our mistakes! Maralee is reminded of this simple truth through a role-reversal moment with her daughter!

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Maralee Mom Moment – Something To Offer

November 6, 2018

God uses people in all stages of life to encourage one another!  Maralee sees the importance of loving the community around her with the motherly gifts that have been entrusted to her!

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Kristin Lukow – Want You In Heaven

October 29, 2018

Through the simple comment of a child, Kai learned that God gave His one and only Son so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life, and her life has been changed!

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