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Jesus prays for us!

May 15, 2018

An experience Pastor Gregg Madsen had as a middle-school student illustrates how Jesus steps in between us and God, having paid the sentence for our sin on the cross. When sin blows up in our face, Jesus pleads our case before the Father!    

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Spring – All Things New

May 7, 2018

Christ makes all things new! Yet sometimes winter hangs on in our lives. Pastor Bryan Clark reminds us that we don’t have to live in bondage. We are no longer a slave to sin. We can experience the new of spring in our lives through Jesus!

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Step Up to Life – Conviction

April 23, 2018

Lincoln Murdoch reminds us that when we know our sin and feel the guilt for the wrong we have done, we can turn to God and experience His forgiveness. We all sin! When we turn from our sin and believe in Christ, we can take the next step to LIFE!

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God our Leader

April 17, 2018

Pastor Jeff Baker reminds us of why Jesus is uniquely qualified to be our leader. He is with us! He knows us personally! He goes before us! As we learn to know His voice, we are able to better follow Him.

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Lead By Serving

April 10, 2018

We have many criteria in the debate about who is the greatest. Pastor Gregg Madsen reminds us that Jesus’ way is different… true greatness is seen in those who serve!

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Pastor Gavin Johnson – God Who Heals

March 28, 2018

Jesus healed while He was on the earth, uniquely touching individuals at their point of pain. And He offers healing for eternity through His death on the cross and His resurrection!!

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God Our Healer

March 20, 2018

Pastor Jeff Baker reflects on the truth that the healing we seek may be different than the healing God desires for us… a healing that has eternal impact.

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God Who Heals

March 13, 2018

Pastor Gregg Madsen gives us perspective in focusing on spiritual healing in those times we haven’t experienced physical healing… yet.

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God Who Heals

March 6, 2018

Pastor Bryan Clark reminds us that while laws are good and necessary, they are powerless to change the human heart. Turning to God is where we find healing.

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