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God at Work

Sam’s Story

March 12, 2018

Students in Nebraska are making a powerful impact on the students around them! Last year, Sam began praying before football games and other teammates started to pray with him. Soon, their team began inviting the opposing team to join them! This year, as a senior, Sam suffered an injury that ended his high school football career. In what seemed like…

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God at Work – Allie’s Story

March 2, 2018

In high school, Allie began struggling with where to find her identity. She began finding her worth in things like sports and boys, defining herself as “Allie, the volleyball player” or “Allie, so-and-so’s girlfriend” instead of “Allie, a child of God.” Until college, when she found herself with a new dependence on Christ and realized that the only true, lasting…

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Weekend to Remember Impact

February 12, 2018

Sarah and her husband were at a low point in their marriage… until they experienced hope and help through the Weekend to Remember!

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Marriage Transformation – Lydia’s Story

February 5, 2018

A few years into married life, Lydia and Scott had given up on their marriage. As a last ditch effort, they decided to attend Weekend to Remember, where they were equipped with tools to rebuild their relationship, completely transforming their marriage! This year, Scott & Lydia will be celebrating their 12th anniversary and say Weekend to Remember played a large…

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