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Everyone Can Do Something

For the Orphans Among Us

Caring for the orphan. Is it still relevant today? Absolutely! In Nebraska, today’s orphans are in the foster care system. 7,967 of them last year.

Scripture makes it clear that this breaks God’s heart…  “A father to the fatherless … God sets the lonely in families.” – Psalm 68:5-6.

We’re not all called to do the same thing to care for children and families in crisis, but we are all called to do something! What is YOUR something? The ideas below are designed to help you decide!



Find these at your favorite place to buy books

Compassion: A Reflection on the Christian Life by Henri Nouwan

Uncomfortable: The Awkward and Essential Challenge of Christian Community by Brett McCracken

Reframing Foster Care: Filtering Your Foster Parenting Journey Through the Lens of the Gospel by Jason Johnson (for foster parents and those wanting to learn about foster care)



Attend a Foster Stories informational event – (a one-night event designed to help you understand if foster care is right for you. Come hungry and with your questions!)

Learn about Families Together – (an opportunity for the local Church to step up and begin caring for families in crisis, before the crisis results in children being in state custody. It’s preventive care and we love it!)

Volunteer with Royal Family Kids – (there are approximately 1,238 children ages 6-12 in the foster care system. RFK currently has 10 camps and 2 mentoring clubs serving these children, with wonderful volunteers who have dedicated thousands of hours to reach America’s orphaned and abandoned children.)

Help with Teen Reach Adventure Camp (TRAC) – (providing hope to at-risk youth through summer camp)



Provide meals, do lawn care, clean, & run errands for foster families

Write a foster child or foster parent an encouraging card

Babysit, provide rides, take the children on outings – (giving help and rest to the foster parents)

Provide tickets for special events that the foster family can enjoy together

Attend court and appointments with foster parents

Provide Respite Care (often overnight, weekend care once a month for the foster child, training required)


Provide groceries and supplies like diapers

Support the Foster Care Closet (They give dignity to children entering into foster care by providing new clothing at the time of crisis.)

CarePortal (a platform connecting the church to the child in need)



Foster Care training

Families Together training (various roles listed below)

  • Parent Advocates (PAs) – focus solely on rallying around the bio parent/bio mom, serving as a coach, mentor, spiritual guide rolled into one to support these parents as they pursue getting back on their feet and reunifying with their kids
  • Support Family – a larger network of individuals who want to be a part of supporting the Journey Families and kids by helping meet tangible needs… shoes and clothes for the hosted kids, meals for the whole family, transportation help, etc
  • Helpline Responders – people trained to take the referral calls on a rotating basis, ask a few questions, and then pass on the pertinent information to the Lead Team
  • Lead Team – help support and oversee the group of volunteers at each one of our lead churches