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My Bridge Radio

The impact it has on people and the enjoyment I receive from listening. – Hannah, Lincoln

I listen to My Bridge Radio all the time. I know that My Bridge Radio invests in me on a daily basis, and I want to return the favor. Hopefully, other lives will be impacted by this circular investment as well. – Nancy, Kearney

It’s my go to radio station when I’m in Ogallala or traveling across the state. – Vicki, Ogallala

You choose NOT to conform to this world by allowing advertising. Thank you for your awesome ministry. – Paul, Columbus

God has placed it in my heart to help! – Jerry, Lincoln

The encouragement I get from listening. – Dorothy, Sidney

The encouragement we receive from your ministry. Not only our family, but the kiddos we have served in the group home as well as those that we transport to and from activities. Thank you for all you do to honor Christ, encourage the listeners in their faith and to support the “orphans among us.” – Brian, Lincoln

We give because we believe in the ministry and outreach of My Bridge. Our money is used to impact people from all over and reaches them with The Gospel! – Karla, North Platte

Excited to be part of this team!! – Carrie, Lincoln

Listening helps keep me in a mindset of praise and worship throughout the day. I want to help support you so that you can continue to do this good work and so that others who can’t afford to or just don’t will continue to have this blessing as well. – Mark, Juanita

This station helps me, almost daily, to keep my mind fixed on Christ. I spend alot of time in my car & it seems that is when I am attacked with negative thoughts. Thank you so much for all you do to share Christ, to encourage & to be used of Him to touch the lives of so many. I feel like by giving I am a part of this ministry. God Bless. – Beth, Seward

Your ministry is so God centered! I appreciate your boldness in proclaiming the Truth. I have a daughter who lives in Aurora CO and on my way to and from, I am able to pick up MY BRIDGE as far as Sterling, CO. How cool is that! Thank You, My Bridge Radio for your powerful impact on behalf of our Awesome GOD! – Laurie, North Platte

It keeps me connected to God, family and community. Helps me keep my eyes on God and his love for me. – Kathy, Kearney

Good music, good message, good reception!! – Janette, Lusk WY

I am a rancher in Eastern Nebraska and really appreciate the radio station. It helps to have that Christian music playing especially when I’m out in the tractor working. I appreciate that you are sharing the truth with others who are listening too. You never know who is being impacted with it each day. Sometimes a person that is far from the Lord would be more willing to listen to the radio instead of to a person trying to tell them the gospel face to face. – Larry, Lakeside

I personally have listened to 95.7 for as long as I can remember. My folks always had it on. It has been great to see what God has done since it became My Bridge Radio several years ago. I listen when I get ready in the morning and in the vehicles when I am out and about. It is just a part of our family, and our married children are supporters too. Thanks for all you do for the Kingdom of God! – Wanda, Grand Island

It has been such a part of our lives. When we drive anywhere the radio is always on 95.7! Don’t have to be concerned with what our children are hearing. – Jerry, Aurora

I love the music. If keeps my focus on what is true, good, and godly. Raises my spirits when I’m feeling a bit down. – Anita, Grand Island

I appreciate the music and have kids growing up who are really enjoying Christian music as they are entering junior high. – Natalie, Callaway

We are daily listeners (every morning while getting ready for work), and we appreciate the uplifting content and music. – Marty, Hastings

Thanks to Christ for all He has blessed me with. – Todd, Kearney

I love the station! We have it on in the house, cars, garage – everywhere! You have a great balance of music and messages. Sometimes I wait to run the blow dryer in the morning so I can finish hearing what is being said. I share little points of what I hear with others! Thanks for all you do! – Jocelyn, Lincoln

We have always enjoyed listening to the programs and music on your station but your radio broadcasts became even more important to us during, and ever since, some difficult events in our lives. Enduring all these things, as well as life’s daily struggles, is a little easier with all the reminders of God’s love and Jesus’s sacrifice that your radio music and programs provide. Our faith is stronger than ever and it helps us in our healing process to reach out to others that are struggling and try to help them in their life and faith journey too. No matter what stage of life we are in, we need Jesus! The comfort we have in His promise of eternal life is immeasurable! We thank God for you every day! Greg & Cammie, Hastings

I love the uplifting songs and messages that are on My Bridge. I also appreciate the fact I can listen to My Bridge when I am in Japan in the the summer. It is fun for my Japanese friends to hear Christian radio. – Denise, Hastings

I value the station, its programs and music. I believe it is having an eternal impact. – Christine, Superior

We totally love what your ministry does. Great songs with messages of hope that have carried me through a difficult year. – Debi, Loomis

I am encouraged by your faithfulness in sharing the truth of God’s word and heart. I also desire to share that with others through this ministry. – Delisa, Holdrege

We live out in the country. I remember the first day I found My Bridge Radio and was so excited that we had Christian radio! We homeschool and play My Bridge all the time – even at night. I think it’s important to have that positive music playing in the background. – Sue, Norton KS

There is just so much inappropriate media out there these days. It warms my heart to hear my grandchildren singing the lyrics to the songs you play on the Bridge. I wake up to your station and usually keep my radio on all day. When possible, I listen at work, too. And it is always on in my car. Thank you for the blessing you are to me and my family. – Denise, Kearney

The inspirational, uplifting music that you play motivates us and gets our day off to a great start. We feel so blessed to have your station. My wife listens to your station all day long at home, in the car, and if possible, wherever she is. Keep up the good work, as many are continually blessed. The practical applications that your staff mention in their own lives relating to their walk are beneficial to us as well. – Lowell, Grand Island

I can’t listen to anything else. Music is so supporting. – Penny, Norfolk

The inspirational music and as a farmer, when I work late I enjoy the evening programming. – Kenny, Harvard

I really consider it a privilege to be part of what God is doing through My Bridge Radio. – Dave, Gretna

I love the music and i want others to hear it too. – Terri, Potter

I keep my radio on all night. What if I woke up in the morning and you weren’t there? It would be like if I went to church on a Sunday and the doors were locked. You glorify God. I get fed. – Anita, Lincoln

I listen to My Bridge Radio every weekday on my way to Seward. It not only brightens my morning but it also gets me motivated to teach my students each day. Through the worship songs and prayers I am reminded of and humbled by God’s glory and blessings in my life! – Elizabeth, Lincoln

Blesses us all day as we listen and we pray it does the same for many others. – Judy, Lincoln