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Missions being sent out from Nebraska

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Seward to all over Nebraska ~ June 9 - end of Summer

Child Evangelism Fellowship trains teens in a two week camp June 9-19. They learn a curriculum for the year as well as lessons on teaching kids. After the camp, the teens spread out across the state and teach 5-Day Clubs (basically mini VBS’s). They share the gospel with children from all walks of life. It is an INCREDIBLE experience, but needs lots of prayer!


  • that the teens would dedicate themselves to the work and really give themselves to the Lord to be used by Him
  • that many children would respond to the message of the gospel

Holdrege to the Middle East ~ July 25 - August 25

Rose Steinmeyer is a college student traveling independently. She will join a professional archaeology team (not religious in purpose) in the Middle East.

It is NOT illegal to believe in Jesus there, but you can be killed by your family members for converting to belief in Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah. She will be joining with 2 indigenous Messianic churches, but during the day, will be participating in a professional archaeological dig. Her primary focus while in the churches is encouragement and listening. She will also join established outreaches and bible studies that they have going on.

Pray for:

  • Spirit lead boldness to speak with who she needs to speak, remain silent when she needs to remain silent, say what God wants her to say, and do what God wants her to do
  • since traveling through war torn areas, safety is a concern

Malcolm to Guatemala, Malaysia, & Botswana ~ September 4 - June 6, 2016

Will Powers is traveling with Adventures in Missions (AIM) a non-profit organization based in Georgia.

In each country the group will partner with local churches to accomplish things the community needs. Examples of ways they will serve in the field span from serving in local orphanages, doing door to door ministry, construction, ministering to sex trafficking victims, and doing anything else it takes to bring God’s kingdom to these countries and their communities.

Pray for:

  • fundraising needed
  • wisdom in what to say and do in these countries to convey God’s love to the people
  • opportunities to leave comfort zones
  • any hardships may glorify the Father


McCook to Tijuana, Mexico & LA, California ~ May 22 - 31

McCook Evangelical Free Church high school and college youth and 3 sponsors, led by Table in the Wilderness Camp of Laramie Wyoming.

The group will be building a home for a family, distributing food to an orphanage (City of Angels) and various other needed organizations in Tijuana and feeding the homeless at the Union Mission in LA.

Pray for:

  • safe traveling
  • salvation of the family we’ll build a home for
  • growth of our youth’s faith
  • to spread God’s love

Grand Island to Jalapa Guatemala ~ May 30 - June 6

A group of 17 are going from Third City Christian Church and are partnering with Bethel Ministries International in Guatemala.

The team will be working at a wheelchair distribution, laying concrete/dirt foundations and building homes of metal construction, with efficient cooking stoves and bunk beds. They will also be distributing clothing, shoes, hygiene & school items, Bibles and spreading the gospel!

Pray for:

  • health and safety for the team
  • that the work is fruitful for the Kingdom

Kearney to Mobile, AL ~ May 30 - June 7

High school mission, 7 youth and 3 adults doing home restoration and community outreach.

Pray for:

  • safe travel 
  • for our group’s ability to make an impact on the faith and lives of those we minister to and with

Hastings to Royal Family Kids Camp, Hordville ~ June 9

A group from Lifehouse Church is going to the Royal Family Kids Camp to put on a one day carnival for the kids. 

They will be setting up all the carnival games, running the booths that the kids are playing, showing kids love and support that they may not get at other times in their lives. We let them play and have a great time.

Pray for:

  • safe travels to and from the camp,
  • ability to give the kids something that they need (love and a good experience with other people)

Arcadia to Metropolis, IL ~ June 6 - 14

A group of 50, ranging in age from 14 to 84, from the Volunteer in Mission (VIP) group from the United Methodist Church in Arcadia.

They are traveling to Metropolis, IL helping to build homes for those who lost homes in the tornado that went through the town a year and a half ago.

On the return trip, they will be stopping in Joplin, MO to visit people a previous trip had ministered to.

Pray for:

  • safe travel
  • nice weather
  • the people they will be helping
  • group member’s growth during the trip

Omaha to Haiti ~ June 8 - August 3

Kara Roland is one of four young adults who will serve as interns this summer with Haitian Christian Outreach.

While in Haiti, they will be leading the short-term mission trip groups who come in from churches around the States. They will lead the building projects (they are adding a second level to the hospital on the mission’s camp), lead VBS with the local children, take the groups to the beach and the market, work on Creole so they can do some translating, and be an encouragement to the missionaries.

Pray for:

  • boldness to speak up to the groups and the Haitians
  • protection in travel
  • health for the group
  • They are also praying they will learn to turn to Him in every situation. Far from home, far from family – they will need to be entirely dependent upon God.

Grand Island to Sioux Falls, SD ~ June 11 - 14

Middle school youth and sponsors of First Presbyterian Church of Grand Island. 

Urban Plunge will take us on tours of nine mission sights with opportunities for us to help out at many!

Pray for:

  • safe travels
  • awesome experiences!

Kearney to Miami, FL ~ June 27 - July 4

Fourteen students and four adults from the Kearney E Free Youth Group are spreading the love of Jesus Christ to inner city Miami youth for a week.

Pray for:

  • safety and hearts changed for Jesus
  • protection, they will be spending a day at the ocean – flesh eating bacteria has been found in the area

Hastings to Denver, CO ~ June 28 - July 1

Seventeen Middle School Youth (6th, 7th, & 8th grade) and 7 sponsors from First United Methodist Church will be working through DenUM (Denver Urban Ministries) serving the homeless and nearly homeless in Denver.

Pray for:

  • all participants to grow in their relationships with Jesus, with each other, and with those they are serving
  • safety

Grand Island to Chicago, IL ~ June 28 - July 3

High school students and sponsors from First Presbyterian Church of Grand Island, NE.

They will be hosting a VBS program for children in the mornings and performing work projects for community members in the afternoons.

Pray for:

  • safe travel
  • spiritual growth

Omaha to Lexington, NE ~ July 4 -8

Nine families from Brookside Church in Omaha – kids from 3rd grade through high school and their parents will be serving together on the trip.

They are partnering with Camino de Vida church in Lexington to host a 4 day VBS program to reach out to new families in the community. We will also do some service projects including painting and cleanup at some homes in town.


  • that the kids will hear and respond to the gospel at the VBS program
  • parent-child relationships will be strengthened through serving together

Salem to Monterrey, Mexico ~ July 7 - 21

Homeschooling group of 18 to 20 year olds who have used the ACE curriculum.

They will be working doing skits, drama, puppets and music for the kids in an international ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) school. They will also be building and painting furniture, helping to prep for the next school year.

Pray for:

  • safe travels, individuals traveling independently to Monterrey where they meet up as a group

Holdrege to Denver, CO ~ July 8 - 11

Twelve (2 adults & 10 students) from the Holdrege First Baptist Church Youth Group, 7th- 12th Grade, will be working with the Center Students Mission Ministry in Denver, CO in the downtown Colfax area working with the homeless and a summer children’s program.


  • they would have a open mind to their surroundings
  • to be the hands and feet of Jesus on the trip

Omaha to Ontario, Canada ~ July 11 - 25

Seven people from Beautiful Savior Church in Omaha are joining three ladies from Michigan and another from Toronto, traveling to reservations in northern Ontario, Canada.

Pray for:

  • safe travels
  • team relationships
  • protection
  • open hearts in the people they will be encountering while there

Gretna to Dominican Republic ~ July 10 - 19

Gretna Baptist Church is sending a group of 14 teens and adults to the Dominican Republic to assist with Vacation Bible School in Santo Domingo at an established church.

Pray for:

  • the 500 kids in DR that will come to VBS
  • our own kids that we will leave behind for 10 days
  • our obedience to Christ in every way before, during and after this trip
  • that we would be humble, helpful servants

Gordon to Nashville, TN ~ July 13 - 26

A group of 4 from Gordon are in Nashville with members of Berean churches across Nebraska, serving with contact families who are helping them reach out into communities in that area, as well as a Muslim mosque and Hindu temple.


  • growth for the individuals who are on the trip
  • opportunities to reach others for Christ

Rushville to Peruvian Amazon ~ July 16 - 25

Pastor Jason Funk and fellow Christians from the New Christian Church in Rushville, NE will be meeting other missionaries from Movida International. With support and backing from the small but dedicated congregation, those going will serve abandoned children and local tribes.

The group will build a camp and care for abandoned children left in the Amazon Jungle and share the good news that God loves them and spread the His word. They will also provide medical and health care with donated supplies and share God’s word with the local tribes native to the jungle.

Pray for:

  • safe travel
  • wisdom and guidance when sharing the amazing love that only God can provide
  • for God to change hearts of those who do not know Him so they are able to feel His love
  • that the children and tribes will open their hearts to God and to be convicted

Lexington to Florissant, MO ~ July 18 - 25

The Cross Team Adult Mission from Parkview Church are going on a trip for discipleship, house and yard projects through Passage Church and the city of Florissant, MO.

Pray for:

  • discipleship
  • saved lives
  • safe travels
  • health and safety

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