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How can I post my event on the Community Connections Calendar?

We would love to help you get the word out about your event! On any page of the website, select “Submit Events” from the grey “connect now” boxes. After filling in all of the event information, you can submit your event. We will review your submission and, upon approval, get it posted on the calendar! If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Will you promote my event on air?

It is our sincere desire to be good stewards of the local Christian radio stations that God has entrusted to us. Part of this role involves the privilege of presenting ministry opportunities and happenings to an extensive listening audience.

To make a request for promoting an event or ministry opportunity, please submit the information to the Community Calendar and we will automatically consider it for on air announcement time.

We are privileged to keep you connected to local ministry opportunities and events.

What song just played and who was it by?

You can see what song is currently playing and the last 5 songs played by checking out “Listen Live” on our website. If you need information about a song that played earlier in the day (or any other song for that matter), please call or email us and we will do our best to help you! or 888-627-1020

Why My Bridge Radio?

My – a word that, for the Christian, implies stewardship.

When God gives to us out of His generosity, we receive it from His hands with thankfulness and then we take ownership of it, not in a possessive way as those who don’t know God, but in the spirit of stewardship.

And in owning that gift before God we say “MY,” realizing that “my” also applies to the by-products of that stewardship! It is MY responsibility to take care of that gift. It is MY responsibility to use that gift for God’s glory. It is MY responsibility to share that gift with others! God has given Nebraska the gift of My Bridge Radio stations strategically located to connect much of the state!

We as a ministry have felt MANY of you OWNING these gifts in a very God-honoring way! You have prayed! You have volunteered! You have invested! You have chosen to be a part of a miracle! So, we want you to say MY…. Because it IS yours! Not to possess, but to steward with us!

My – a word that, for the Christian, implies stewardship. – Stan Parker, Team Lead